Bathe in self discovery with this beautiful pastel reflection of you by visionary artist/intuitive/healer:

Bets Keady

Remote drawings or gift remote drawings for friends simply require a short description of person… favorite music, sport and a special gift will be on its way within one week to your friend. In person, a one on one with the artist takes approx 45 minutes and you leave with redeeming messages, affirming art specific for your best potential outcome on your path! These gifts come wrapped complete with bow and picture card (chosen randomly in process) with details of session, so one always remembers what message it came with at this point on your journey! Bets also been requested for couple’s drawings, and even newborns.

This intuitive artist was told to draw for others, and, for example, first client said he’d like an abstract angel, apprehensive, it was done, when he picked up this angel in all shades of blue, he was taken aback. Years before he flew for the Blue Angels. Familiar pictures to recipient are not uncommon. This is confirmation that we have also guidance that is unseen from loved ones and angels and guides who are always there for us.

It is a reflection of you. Bets is merely the blessed and humbled channel.

*Bets reserves the right to photo all drawings for her records/repertoire.

  • The Large Message Art Calendars/50.00 each order now
  • The Native American(posted here )comes as poster 11 x 17 or larger, per request, with universal healing story, for wellness centers, healing rooms.
Keady Art

Keady (C) 1999-2015

Gift drawings available to honor your loved ones in memorial.